Jichiroren’s Action Program

(1)We shall fight for protecting municipal workers’ livelihoods and rights, as well as for promoting their economic and social status.

 Opposing the policies carried out by monopolist capital and its governments to lower workers’ wages and to restrict their rights, we call for the following demands ; to realize drastic wage raise and a uniform minimum wage system throughout the nation; to abrogate the recommendation system by the National Personnel Authority on salaries and working conditions for the national officers and to restore public workers to the fundamental labor rights; to reduce working hours and to adopt a five-day week system; to realize the true gender equality and to improve the maternity protection programs for women; to guarantee women’s right to work as well as to improve women’s social status.


(2)Fully Understanding the significance of our basic stance and duties as municipal workers responsible for protecting local residents’ livelihood as well as rights, we fight for building a democratic local autonomy in unity with local residents.

We demand the democratic improvement and expansion of local autonomy through the democratic development of local economy, as well as resident autonomy, and ask for the establishment of a citizen-oriented administrative and financial structure as managed in a democratic and efficient way. We oppose ‘administrative reforms’ in the national and local governments introduced by the Ad hoc commission on Administrative Reform, as well as the destruction of local autonomy. We also fight against its bids to reconstruct community and citizens’ livelihoods in a reactionary way for the sake of only monopolist capital, under the name of the use of private-sector initiative.

Even under the national and local governments run by the reactionaries, we strive to let them carry on a fair and democratic local administration for the sake of citizens, while making efforts to change such local governments for progressive ones.


(3) Confronting any attacks on workers and working-people’s livelihoods made by monopoly capital and a reactionary government, we fight for improving people’s life and to promote the democratic development of Japan’s economy.

While demanding military budget cuts, the end of tax breaks for big corporations, and massive tax cuts for the people, we oppose sacking workers by enterprises’ streamlining cuts, and demand the security and expansion of employment as well as the much improvement of social security programs based on the principle that the entire cost on pensions, health insurance, and medical service shall be shared by the government and capitalists.

Imposing controls on the evil of multinational corporations, we aim to establish a democratic international economic order, as well as to improve the livelihood, rights, and status of workers around the world.


(4) For a peaceful, neutral, and democratic Japan, we play a role in the progressive united front.

Firmly against every attempt to revise adversely the Japanese Constitution and to revive militarism, we raise our voices; the prevention of nuclear war from breaking out, the swift abolishment of nuclear weapons, the abrogation of the Japan-US Security Treaty, and the removal of all military bases from our soil.

For the achievement of these purposes, with agreed demands, we dedicate our efforts to further cooperation and joint aiming for the establishment of the progressive government.

Aiming for common goals, such as the prevention of nuclear war and ‘the swift abolishment of nuclear weapons’ as are ‘urgent and life-and –death issues’ for the humanity, we exert ourselves to proceed with international movement.


(5) Upholding the active and militant tradition of municipal workers’ movement, we aim for achieving the nationwide and class-conscious unification of all municipal workers by making our own organizations more class-oriented and democratic.

We give priority to municipal workers’ voluntary and conscious decision to participate in Jichiroren’s movement. Based on labor force at workplaces, we wage our unified industrial struggles linking our demands for economic life and, political and national issues, and make them develop into a nationally-united struggle. Along with this, we advance regional actions in every community by forming a stronger regional joint struggle.

We encourage union members to learn the theories and history of labor movements, so that they can increase their class-consciousness.

We establish labor democracy in every organization of ours, with union members enjoying all civil rights including freedom of ‘political support and political activity’.


(6) By adherence to three fundamental principles of‘independence from capital’, ‘independence from any political party’, and ‘united actions based on demands’, we strive for a true unification of labor front, through devoting our efforts to the progress of Zenroren, a national center of trade unions, and its local centers.


(7) Against the policies of exploiting, plundering, and oppressing workers in any country, with mutual respect for the autonomy, we fight for strengthening the solidarity of workers all over the world, as well as for advancing international labor movement.


On 27 August 1992,

Adopted by the Seventh Annual Convention of Jichiroren

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