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■Jichiroren’s Foundation, Brief History, and Membership

 In the 1980s, the national government and business circles were fiercely pushing the so-called ad hoc commission’s administrative reforms sacrificing the people and workers. Sohyo of that time, one of the largest national trade union centres, and Jichiro, the largest industrial union of local government workers, yielded to a campaign based on anti-communism, labor-capital cooperation, and backing the regime, for supporting and promoting this move. They were finally amalgamated into later founded Rengo, the Japanese Trade Union Confederation.  read more…

■Jichiroren’s Action Program

 We shall fight for protecting municipal workers’ livelihoods and rights, as well as for promoting their economic and social status. read more…

■Declaration of Rights of Municipal Workers, a Draft

 All residents live their life, from birth to death, in a locality/local municipal area.

Every resident is equally guaranteed human dignity and he or she wants to live a wholesome, cultured and peaceful life. The Japanese Constitution guarantees this as a major human rights principle.

Local municipalities, which are based on self-government by residents, have an important role as “forts to champion the life and well-being of residents” and to guarantee such fundamental human rights. Local municipalities are an important basic element of Japan’s democracy. read more…

■The draft Charter of Local Self-Government

 The Promoting Association for the Movement for the ‘Charter of Local Self-Government’

On March 1, 1997, the 50th year after the Constitution of Japan and the Local Autonomy Act came into force, the Promoting Association for the Movement for the Charter of Local Self-Government announced its ‘draft Charter of Local Self-Government’. The association had been founded by 20 organizations including Jichiroren, responsible for secretarial work. read more…

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